Assignment 1


Assignment 1.1

Go to facebook and find the page “KDJ Indian Literature Room.” Press the ‘like’ button. The teacher will post a picture everyday to reiterate the day. You need to put your comment or reaction of today’s activities.

Be sure to write it in a COMPLETE SENTENCE and appropriate punctuations. You need to write one sentence each day only. You are not allowed to exceed.

Your sentences will be checked daily by the teacher and be assured that it will be checked and be given a grade everyday. Be sure that you can post everyday because you are being graded.

Assignment 1.2

Review or read on the Ramayana “page” of this website. You can also have further reading. You can start viewing the page starting this afternoon. Be sure that you will read it thoroughly because you will need this for the next activity tomorrow.

Good luck students!

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